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"In a certain sense, one does not become a Christian for oneself at all; rather one does so for the sake of the whole, for others, for everyone. 

The movement of becoming a Christian, which begins at baptism and which we have to pursue through the rest of our lives, means being ready to engage in a particular service that God requires from us in history."

— Pope Benedict XVI
Children with Child_s Bibles in Eritrea
Make An Offering
Of course, your act of charity in the form of a donation is always welcome. It will be put to good work wherever the need is greatest. Donate Now.

Pray for the Suffering Church
Please help our brothers and sisters in need around the world by praying for the suffering Church. Find a prayer for the Suffering Church or learn more about The Suffering Church.
  Spread the Word
You are our most powerful advocate. Please tell your friends, family, and fellow parishioners about the work we do under the guidance of the Holy Father. share our Success Stories, share copies of our print newsletter The Mirror, and forward our eNews The Candle.

You can help raise awareness of ACN by distributing ACN brochures, or sharing an ACN DVD for group discussions. Or perhaps you could assist us in translating grant requests or "thank you" letters from around the world. See Volunteering with ACN
  Adopt A Project
Would your parish consider "adopting" a particular project and working together to fund it completely?  Is your class preparing for Communion and interested in helping to support one of ACN's programs? If you would like to adopt a project, please contact Edward Clancy at or 718-609-0938.